Inflation Threat

The potential for inflation to rise in coming years poses a threat to long-term investment portfolios, says Jeff Holt of Morningstar.

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Investment Income

As Baby Boomers heading into retirement pursue investment income, Leo Acheson of Morningstar says it’s important to have a good financial plan.

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Psychological Obstacles

Some investors may need to overcome psychological obstacles to better manage and enjoy their wealth, says behavioral scientist Steve Wendel of Morningstar.

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Dividend Strategies

Morningstar analyst Travis Miller shares a perspective on dividend investing strategies, noting that the yield spread with bonds remains attractive.

Sustainable Income

Advisor Rand Spero of Street Smart Financial in Lexington, Mass., shares his views on the need for sustainable income, particularly among older investors.

Manager Appeal

Morningstar analyst Gregg Warren suggests what asset managers need to offer investors to increase their brand appeal.

Municipal Bonds

Morningstar analyst Emory Zink says demand for municipal bonds has been strong so far in 2017.

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