Rate Hike

A Fed rate hike arrives, as expected, and inflation continues to remain relatively low, observes Dorothy Bossung of Lowery Asset Consulting in Chicago.

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Retirement Challenge

If you feel unprepared for retirement, you’re not alone. According to advisors familiar with the challenges, it’s often a “daunting” step to begin relying on your nest egg.

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Real Assets

Ready to look beyond traditional stocks and bonds? Larry Antonatos of Brookfield talks about the potential benefits of “real assets” involving property, infrastructure and natural resources.

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Sustainable Income

Sustainable income is especially important to older investors and those in retirement. In this “retro” video initially published a year ago, financial advisor Rand Spero of Street Smart Financial in Lexington, Mass., shares his perspective.

Rising Rates

In the current rising rate environment, Maury Fertig of Relative Value Partners suggests closed-end fund investors be “cautious” and alert for opportunities.

CEF Update

Closed-end fund discounts generally widened and distribution reductions increased in the first quarter of 2018, says Mike Taggart of Nuveen.

Rate Hike

Fed rate hikes present a “challenging time” for investors, especially those concerned about inflation, says Dorothy Bossung of Lowery Asset Consulting.

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