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Retirement Spending

Going from retirement saving to retirement spending, or ‘cracking the nest egg,’ may be a challenging transition. Jeff Holt of Morningstar says there’s a risk of being “too conservative.”

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Retirement Crisis

Do we face a retirement crisis? Most Americans may struggle financially in their golden years, says Steve Wendel of Morningstar. Advisor Sheila Padden of Padden Financial Planning says her clients’ biggest concerns are longevity risk and the cost of healthcare.

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Advisor Stress

Financial advisors may face more stress than most workers, but they still love their jobs. In a new survey by Northern Trust’s FlexShares, advisors report a stress level that’s 23% higher than national norms, and yet their overall job satisfaction comes in at an impressive 79%.

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Post-Shutdown Shadow

The full US government is back to work, but many key data reports remain unavailable, casting a post-shutdown shadow of uncertainty. What’s missing? Numbers that help Wall Street and Main Street make important decisions for the future.

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Rate Hike

A Fed rate hike arrives, as expected, and inflation continues to remain relatively low, observes Dorothy Bossung of Lowery Asset Consulting in Chicago.

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Retirement Challenge

If you feel unprepared for retirement, you’re not alone. According to advisors familiar with the challenges, it’s often a “daunting” step to begin relying on your nest egg.

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